What do male celebrities think about the idea that men are incapable of self-control?



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Recently, there has been an ongoing debate on social media pertaining to victim blaming in rape cases. Social media users seem to be divided into two groups: one which feels that the way women dress determines whether they end up getting raped or not, and the other which believes that linking rape to the clothes of a woman is based on flawed logic, and rape instead is about abuse of power and control.

Many men including some very prominent celebrities took to social media to weigh in on the recent trend pertaining to victim blaming.

Among these was Pakistani film, TV and theater actor, Osman Khalid Butt who took to his Twitter account to voice his opinions on the issue. “Yes, there is desire, temptation, attraction. Rape isn’t caused by this. Rape is about power. Dominance, a complete lack of empathy, hostility. It diminishes a woman – or a man, or a child – to a sexual object. It is dehumanizing”, emphasized the actor.

Civil rights activist, and lawyer Mohammad Jibran Nasir also weighed in on the recent trend.

 Actor, director and cinematographer Usman Mukhtar gave his two-cents on the debate saying “It happens because the person who is committing this heinous inhumane act is a criminal and the scum of the earth”. He further added, “Please stop blaming the victim. It’s time for action. Time to punish such filth of the earth to a point where no one dares to commit such an act.” 


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