Weekoscopes with Tarot De Raiinè

What have the stars instore for you this week?



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Compromises much dear Aries? Okay this isn’t like you, but you know what-we applaud you. Patience is the key to success. At least that’s what a million quotes on the internet suggest. Finding balance in things that recommend a halt in giving too much of yourself, shall be appreciated. How about not jumping in the pool right away, and just testing with your foot first? Okay bad example in COVID. But you feel us? Things will generally be a tad slow, however the pace shall accelerate and unresolved matters will proceed. Count till 3 times before reacting to your loved ones. A smile is better than a rant in the WhatsApp family group. Winks.

Cosmos says-Find your balance, success lies there.


Ohhhhhh let’s get the drinks up and swing in happpinessssssss. Finally happy after ages of struggle. Did they finally agree? Yeah yeah we know, even the Buckingham Palace would have agreed, if this tough person in your life was harder than the stone. Enjoy good family time with closed ones and sometimes celebrations are in PJs. No let us rephrase it-MOST of them are in PJs. Isn’t the feeling of slipping in casual loungewear with cleansed and creamed feet with a hot steaming green tea, better than 535353 kilos of wedding dresses with a 2 inch tall of makeup layer? We hope you agree. Time with partners shall be highlighted and if anything, enjoy this week with them and family.

Cosmos says-When we are happy, even the greys look like unicorns.


Whose the flirty one? Ohhh cmon don’t lie to us. Who is getting “cozy” with you Gemini? Who who who. Let’s get to the “T” of it. There maybe someone who wants to come forward with a proposal. Well don’t get all that jumpy as yet. This could easily be an ask out on the lightest sense. Although this “work from home” romance is of a new kind. Expect your gut to guide you exactly right this time, well just like the last time. A creative project at work may start and you’re going to find luck in it. At home, a child may take up most of your attention. Okay Gemini, now we really need tissue papers to listen to your story.

Cosmos say-Kindness is the new rich.


What’s there in your heart Cancer. Well OBVIOUSLY there is something. Our very own emotional zodiac! You need a serious confrontation this week. We aren’t really surprised at you not wanting to confide in anyone, but then….you know, LIFE. It boils us to a point where the old water is bound to leave the confinement’s of it’s utensil. Make sure that the old ghosts don’t come back and repeat patterns that have been a consistent part of your life. Make peace with them. It’s like a TV series, no matter what you do, if a character dies-they’ll eventually come back to life through plastic surgery if the traumas relevant to them haven’t been dealt with appropriately. Does this analogy ring a bell?

Cosmos Says-Past is for the old. Present is a gift, that’s why it’s called the Present.

“I like it-check. I have the money-check. I have the internet-check.” Combine these key words, and what do you get? Yes that’s right, “ONLINE SHOPPING”. Well honestly this week shall treat you with self spending because you know you can. Find success in matters that you have worked hard for. Money owed to you shall find it’s way back to you. Bless you. Your regal self Leo, doesn’t like to depend on others for support. The same shall be valid for this week. Self-discipline will take you places. We endorse your attitude to separate yourself from what others have to say, and focus on what you exclusively want. You do you, baby.

Cosmos says-The only person there for you, is YOU.


Virgo Virgo Virgo. The one with the OCD. Well yes, your efforts shall culminate and come to a conclusive end. FINALLY. It’s up in the air and moving. It’s out of your hands now and instead of being your regular control freak, just relax and put your feet up. Netflix is a good option. An important message may find its way toward you. Ring Ring. Who is it? This week, you might have amazing conversations with people around you. Never underestimate the power of a meaningful and engaging conversation. Instead of planning and plannnnning, just make your decisions quick.

Cosmos Says-Action gives you results, thinking gives you anxiety.



Feeling stuck right now? Okay okay Libra. The bondage is visible. But why do think that you wanted to start dieting and then the chocolate cake just called you to itself? Yes we are totally smirking. Okay we get it, Ramadan is coming and you wanna eat as much as you can before it. That’s our plan to0. Hehe. Guilty. This week, you’d probably want to take a short cut for the things on your to do list. Sometimes we JUST have to do something because we’re supposed to. URGHHHHHH. Make sure they don’t have a manipulating vibe to them and in the middle of their sweet-talking, just notice the red flags.

Cosmos Says-The devil is inside us. Not elsewhere.


We feel like singing the song, “Commmmmeeeee closerrrrrr”. Okay let’s not distract ourselves. This week, expect to catchup with people you haven’t, in a long time. Were you really picked up the fight with them, or was it their fault this time? Okayyy Scorpio, this “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” needs to end. Someone is making a move and conversations shall entail. This doesn’t have to be a romantic endeavor, but even a partner you usually love to hang out with. Work colleagues shall remain on the same page, and even that dreadful boss shall understand where you’re coming from. Weird tho. Well universe is unpredictable. Happy week there sugar!
Cosmos say-Even if one person agrees with you, the whole world doesn’t matter.


And we have one of the most sought after card in Tarot for you, our beloved Sagittarius. All the things that weren’t necessarily working out for you, shall conclude successfully. You’ve had apprehensions before and all the ambiguity in WORLD consumed you in its embrace. Wow, leave it on us to paint this picture vivid. You’d be the center of attention this week. Hello to the boss who is giving you all this focus. This could be your partner as well you know! This pure joy of happiness in your life, is much sought after, Sagittarius.

Cosmos says-When the Universe shines it’s light on you, the haters go dim automatically.


Sitting on your throne unmoved, Capricorn? If there is anything we admire the most, is when one respects their belief and stay true to their principles. This week, you are all about your element. Achievements must be appreciated and celebrated. Life has a tendency to show how nothing has changed, but then we look back and nothing is actually the same. Respect what you have conquered and you’d love your “me time” in thoughts like these. Also Gilda from the “Wizard of Oz” told us you have a wish fulfilled? Wow let’s tap our heels together 3 times.

Cosmos says-One moment of happiness is better than a thousand spent in pretending to be happy.


What are you contemplating on, Aquarius? What what what? We know you want to conquer the World! And this thought process may actually help you successfully achieve the future goals. All you need is proper planning and waiting for the right time to hit the nail. Well the ladies agree how powerless we all get when our nail paints aren’t dried down. Be patient for it to loose moisture and make that move then. Wow. The analogy though. Some plans and discussions are due with partners and a few of you shall think about what’s cooking ahead.

Cosmos says-Patience and Silence are golden.

Pisces ♥️

A celebration is wide up on the cards and we are waiting for your Instagram to light upppp! Wow, the stories are rocking. Although, avoid going to public gatherings and weddings. Trust us, the world won’t stop with a wedding that takes place with a delay. Safety above all. Okay so apart from this public service message, many of you are FINALLY going to reap the rewards of your efforts you’ve put in since the last few months. An excellent week for career and love life. To be honest, we are jealous of your perfect life right now. Okayy we get it Pisces, you don’t have to rub that smirk in our faces. Also, whose visiting you this week? Looks like the oven smells of cinnamon already! Ahaaa.

Cosmos says-Success is better late than never.