Weekoscopes with Tarot De Raiinè

What have the stars in-store for you this week?





Hellllloooooooo. So where’s life at yo? There are changes here, life is busy and buzzing. Let’s just hope it’s this week that the energy is super high, Aries. Things might be here and there, and the need to sit back and organize might be a necessary to lead to the path ahead. We love that your mind is here and there, but our hot headed Aries, how about a dip in the cool ocean. Okay let’s settle for a cold water shower. (Beach vacations are currently outta budget. Sssshhhh. Let’s hide our tears together). Avoid arguments with them, and by “them” you know who! Things will escalate for no reason. So how about not over thinking?

Cosmos says-Holdddddd your horses, speed bump ahead.


Things are working behind the curtain, our dear strong minded Taurus! You know it this time. We gettttt it. The slowness of life is KILLING your damn streak at winning. Cuz cmon, we all know how much you want to win given the efforts you’ve always put in things. But this week, things will require moderation and understanding of how to balance the opposites. Add too much coffee, and the mix becomes bitter. Add too much milk, well…..would the coffee even keep us awake? So make sure you have the perfect blend! Oooohhhh how about a YouTube tutorial on Dalgona coffee? (Something always made by brown parents but suddenly found validation through the white people!)

Cosmos says-Things are fine, but you’re aren’t near the finish line yet. Just a few more steps.


What’s the worry sweetheart? Our brainchild Gemini? Exams? Husband asking for too much? Girlfriend’s asking for the gift that your wallet is already dreading? Or is your child causing trouble? Whatever it is, it is not going to prolong. This week, just make sure you calm down and understand that most of these issues are self-created. Or at least, we think you can easily turn your mind off this time. Darling, that’s what Netflix is for. (Totally not sponsored by Netflix. Promise promise). Something might not work out the way you want, but then sweety they say; “Dawn after Darkness” or let’s make it a little contemporary-“There is always the actual YouTube video after the stupid Ad”. We’re saying, 7 more days okay? Okay!

Cosmos say-A little birdie told us: “Just Keep Swimmin’.”


Phewwwwwww. The storm has settled a little. And we swear we aren’t calling your child the storm. Whatever it was, things have a settling vibe to them this week our dearest Cancer. You have seen a few chaotic moments some days back, but now it’s getting better. And at least if that’s not happening externally, then you’ve finally found your peace inside, and want to move ahead. That argument with them have gotten better? Yeah? It’s okay, it will! There is no use bringing up the past in conversations that are meant to catapult you in the future and out of the gates of misery. What’s the point? Life is short! And the COVID is not making it better either. Urghhh!

Cosmos Says-Life is handing you what you ask for. Will you open your door?


What’s poppin’ our Royal Highness, Leo? Things are growing and working out this week! Yayyyyy. We are totally imagining cheer leaders at the back dancing and jumping. This is a good week, Leo baby! Some of those reading this, shall have a closer connection with their mothers this week. We feel happy and totally understand those who are annoyed just by reading this, given how mothers can be SOOOO demanding sometimes. Fist Bump! This week is about having a relaxing time, a time of a break and being pampered by the heavens. Sit back in the most comfortable PJs and chill. (Courtesy: CORONA headmaster). We love the extra care your partner is showing you this week. Or is this you Leo?

Cosmos says-Love conquers all.


What’s this big expense you wanna make, that your big juicy wallet is dreading? Wait, let us just get our ears near you. We wanna know. We wanna know. You are getting slightly rich this week, but ohhhh what’s the online shopping portal which is fully eyeing and hypnotising you into spending those big bucks? Don’t forget to tell us if there is a sale going on there. People might need you around, well as always baby Virgo. You have been the anchor in many people’s lives, and we love and thank you for the support you give out in this world. But our sweetlings, don’t get cocky! Rolling our eyes to a complete 360 degrees. Financial matters shall work out for you. We want the treat for this new job. That’s decided.

Cosmos Says-Whenever God gives, he gives with open arms.


Tired and bruised, but still keeping your head in the game Libra. You go girllllll. (Or boys) we understand how tough and difficult the times have been since a few days, but then don’t you think how you have managed to come above the surface? That’s an achievement alone, worthy of a roaring applause! WE ARE ALL HERE FOR YOU. Don’t let the thoughts of past ruin what you have built over the times. We know how scared you are this time around, but then who knows where will the boat will stop this time? Or would it stop at all? Keeping rowing, our beautiful Libra.

Cosmos Says-Our past never decides what our future is. We do.


Ups and downs are a part of life, but this change in life was necessary for you to re-align your bearings. This change was somewhat seen coming. You have spent ALOT of time in contemplation. In fact let’s crown you the CONTEMPLATION queen. Hahaha Okay sorry. But yes, this is changing and we think you feel it too. Money matters may give you positive fodder to feed on. Whatcha gonna do with that money? Fortune changes when we least expect. Okay so don’t expect change, and it will happen. Things are changing with those, who you interact on a daily basis. Are you okay with these alternative dynamics now?

Cosmos say-Change is the only constant.


It’s not the right time to take action, our sugar plum Sagittarius. There is a serious need to prepare before you head out in the battle field. If you want to apply somewhere, then know that your research is still needed for the future steps to be taken. Your cold attitude shall be noticed by everyone this week. It’s like you would want to be in your room. Okay you can tell us, we won’t tell anyone. What are you hiding from? Sshhhh. This time around, whatever it is that you’re mostly thinking of, the gut feeling is giving the correct signal. If it flickers the t red light, then stop. If it gives the green light, then run baby. Whatever it is, you’re right. Things have not been fully told to you and you need a little digging to do.

Cosmos says-Your heart has never wrongly guided you.


You know you’re winning right now. Does Charlie Sheen’s melt down come to mind? YouTube it if you somehow (impossibly) missed it. Jeeezz. Well our stubborn, but adorable Capricorn, things are working out for you and workplace appreciation is on its way. It might come through regular delivery service in 5-7 days at your doorstep. (That was a joke btw). Whatever it is that you are expecting to happen or putting your feet in it, it will be successful. Just make sure that other opinions are also given importance. We know how you are fixated in your own sense of things, which have been correct also. But don’t become arrogant. Expect excellent recognition this week. You have won that battle already. Even at home this time.

Cosmos says-Success is always with the patient.


This stuck feeling is a major bummer, sugar baby Aquarius. We know how your mind always wonders in the deepest of intellectual oceans and higher than the mountains of conflict. (Wow this sounded like a full length UN speech). It’s time to open the knots that you can easily escape. Not knowing where to head is not always a bad thing. Think about this, most of the good parts of life have always been unexpected. These insecurities you have now, wouldn’t prevail for longer. This thinking cap needs to be taken off RIGHT NOW. Non-verbal space with your partner is extremely important this week, so that at least you know what’s the step ahead. Expect minor glitches and delay. But HEY just 7 more days maybe?

Cosmos says-If you’re not being able to see the road ahead doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Pisces ♥️

Helllllllo dreamy Pisces. Firstly let us all bow down to your high level intuition. How can you ALWAYS know before it happens? Like howwww? We are so ready to take notes of your super powers. Imagine they cast you in the new Avengers, and you’re the super hero with powers of Psyche. How cool is that going to be. Haha. If they steal this idea, we will totally sue them. Promises of marriage or high level commitments can be expected this week. If your relationship isn’t that intense yet, then know that romantic feelings are brewing on either sides. Or wait….on both the sides. Ooohhhh let’s plans vacation Pisces. Your vision board on Pinterest looks sooooo dreamy right now!

Cosmos says-Life is bringing flowers, just get the vase ready.