Weekoscopes with Tarot De Raiinè (22.Feb.2021 to 28.Feb.2021)



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How does your stomach feel when all things that surround you, are finally making sense? You know these celebrations and a good family time gives all the more reason to understand that life exists in small moments. Blood is thicker than water. People of your kin will support you and isn’t that the whole idea of life? To navigate through this maze of insanity in the cloak of other things, but actually finding out who stays true to the ties they share with us? That’s what this week will be about. Ohhh and knock knock, touch wood- I like the togetherness of your relationship! It’s like Cinderella’s Godmother came to you personally and did some of her “Bibaty babaty booo” magic on you. Oh sweet honey.

Cosmos say: Enjoy the laughter around you and smell the flowers.


Moderation is the key here. Oil and water don’t really mix well, but then you will have to make sure they do this week. It’s almost like making your child eat vegetables (Totally envying the mom whose child adores them though). Edits and reworking is required here, make sure you re-read that email before your boss personally invites you for a humble “chit chat”. We all know what that means! Think before you speak or act this week, Taurus! Your well behaved demeanor will enable you to conquer the toughest of mountains. I know they are annoying, but honey kills better than the sword. The casualties of the past need to rest NOW!

Cosmos say: Calm down and breathe. Reaction fuels the fire.


Let’s make some money this week, shall we, Gemini? You’ve got the golden touch. This reputation of being the expert in your specific field would end up being handy. Look at you being this generous and supportive to those around you. It’s raining money! Just make sure you lend to those who come with a money back guarantee. Do they? A few expenses may go overboard, but since you love the lavishness of this all-We approve. Bowing down to the king, we must. Do you think you have an ego problem when you shy away in asking help from those who’ve been in the seat for long? Well, you shouldn’t we say, Gemini!

Cosmos says: The taste of achievement is surely sweet!


Let’s start with a slow romantic music in the background. Pause. Ohhh we are mesmerized, Cancer. Relationships are working very well in this week. Did you instantly read “romance”. Let’s go over a fact very quickly-“Relationships encompass all those equations that feed us goodness in life”. Now that we have this cleared, this week keep in mind those equations that shall add value to your life by either supporting you emotionally or giving you happiness. Yes we get it, you wanna know about love. Sure, sit back  and enjoy this honeymoon phase of yours. We love your bliss. It’s nice no? When people we encounter stand on the page as ours?

Cosmos say: Always chose love, even if the option isn’t available.


Inner happiness and soul satisfaction beat all. We know you agree, Leo. You are happy in your own space, and we love the aloofness you’ve preferred over a mindless crowd. This week, we see you enjoying your “me time” and soaking your feet in water. The peace though! Your manifestations may come alive and wishes come true. Where’s this genie you are hiding, we really want to know? You really wanted this, and the fact that now you’d finally get it-there is a sincere hope you don’t forget the spellings of the word “Gratitude”. Say nice things all week, and wait for them to turn in reality! Words make up our lives.

Cosmos say: Gratitude for what you already have increase it


This sweet gesture life offers you, must be taken immediately! People want to offer love and respect, but their shy nature will irritate you! (We all know shyness is attractive. Sshhhh, let’s not open our secret box). Seeing things with fresh eyes and new a pair of cosmic goggles will help you align with spirit. This proposal at work or personal life you want to offer is still in its initial stages and you’re just fretting over something that hasn’t even happened yet. Let’s look at your phone, shall we? These sweet messages of love with an abundance of heart emojis!! Oh the way your cheeks blush just make sense now! We are hoping you’re choosing your best outfit to meet them? Good luck you!


Cosmos say: Be gentle with those around you.


This stability that touches your life is commendable. You are connected to your roots, Libra! When we stay close and grounded to where we come from, our sense of belonging strengthens. Respect old ties and kin. You know they are just a call away. You have a solid soul tribe, and we you honoring it. This took a long time for you to establish, and we see how invested you were in creating this for yourself. Family and friends are extremely supportive. Your reputation in society is well taken and we sincerely hope you continue building respect for yourself. Just don’t let those evil mongers destroy your foundation.

Cosmos say: Success that takes long, stays for long.


We applaud your luck, Scorpio. These changes in life are only taking place to propel you on what you were meant to do. This phase is a game changer, make the most of it. This up and down week will make you go back and forth. We know your head hurts not having a clear picture about life . Although, you are not at all anxious, but uncertainty is a buzz kill. Yes, we remember James Bong here, who had the “License to kill”. Rolling eyes and reaching the brain. Expect the unexpected this week, this time in your life is of big changes. Celebrate the financial abundance in your life.

Cosmos say: Luck favors the prepared.


Isn’t this waiting game talking too long? Look back and analyze, where has this all taken you? Things are stagnant and not moving an inch! But look closely, yup a little more. The flower doesn’t bloom in-front of our eyes, yet we can track the progress of nature. Your life is changing but by bit. We know the second half of the earlier sentence is annoying, but doesn’t the first part of it excite you? Things will slow down, but doesn’t the slow and steady win the race? C’mon, don’t destroy this fairy tale for us.

Cosmos say: What you get easily, goes away easily.


This water is under the bridge sweety! Wait a second, why do you want to reopen closes files again, hasn’t the matter been done with, Capricorn? How would you heal, if you keep on scratching that scar? Well, reality check-you wont heal! The process of healing is serious, and we are glad you understand the sensitivity around your sense of contentment. Our inner consensus translate into the external poise we hold. Our dear Capricorn, we acknowledge the hard past life kinda hurled at you, but it’s all down the drain. Why go back and open the lid over and over again? It’s done with sugar! Let the Universe take your hand and guide you to the stars. You’ve been lead by the dust all along and life wouldn’t allow that non sense anymore! How about traveling?

Cosmos say: The night is always accompanied by the dawn.


Woahhhh! The newness in this week, brings newness you, Aquarius. How exciting! We simply adore and celebrate your enthusiastic approach to things. We are curious, how did you get so energetic and a box of excitement? Well, let’s just pause and thank the Universe to impart this freshness in you. You want to gain experience in your chosen path and you are already walking it. If what you have already been doing hasn’t work one bit, then this week shall be good to start on a new direction. In relationships, your new interest in them will keep the equation fresh. Just make sure you offer a sense of responsibility and not ruin things with accompanies immaturity. You know better than this, Aquarius. You’ll be our forever wanderer!

Cosmos say: Passion must be honored, even if it’s timely.

Pisces ♥️

Sooooo immersed in this are you? How amazing and mind boggling is it to receive the card that sums up your entire being!! You are deeply intuitive the week, Pisces. And we all know how accurate you are with your gut feeling. That inner sensation in your intestines, is actually worth lending an ear. This week, this passivity is much appreciated, in fact, suggested! Take a seat and observe. Half the things will get sorted if you make a clear judgment. You are obsessed with something and constantly thinking of it. Can we guess that this lucky occupant of your mind, is actually a person?

Cosmos say: Our heads make the most interesting stories.