Your weekly horoscope with Tarot De Raiiné!

What have the stars instore for you this week?



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Hope is all we have. No? The hope that tomorrow will turn out better. Well after COVID, frankly all our hopes have been shattered. Honestly, if any body had to check how much luck has the Creator bestowed upon them, test your Lockdown progress! As if life wasn’t messed up already. Sighs. Recovery from bad health and lost promises is possible this week. It will be more about things promising to work out, instead of being defeated. If something has been slightly off with partners or people around you, you’d return back on talking terms.

Cosmos says-Of there is nothing else, there is Hope!


Taurus, our dear and overly loved Taurus! This week is about staying in! It’s about knowing what is your priority. You might not want to leave the house all that much. Silently giving a standing ovation to the Corona Gods for legitimizing our needs to stay in and making PJs be cool again. Rest In Peace all the summer Lawn Joras. We feel that you might over indulge yourself while binge watching Netflix. Yes the fridge trios shall be frequent. Don’t worry sweetlings, we all think that ONLY eating is a fun hangout.

Cosmos says-The only person who deserves us, is our own self.


Gemini Darling, so muchhh clarity is coming to you. We think it’s enough what you handled over the last few days! Confusion confusion run awayyyyyy. Oh wow, it listened. This week, be very clear about what you want and what you don’t. Saying what you mean shall help other people get your point across and it may give you a chance to be understood as well. You know people find that difficult owing to the duality in your inherent self. Please do us and the Universe a favor by ending what is no longer serving you.

Cosmos say-Cut off the shackles that hinder your growth.


Wow. Jinx. The card that describes you to your bones came up for your weekly. Do you really enjoy listening to others that much sugar plum? Man oh man, we need to take notes. We think you need to give a large scale lesson on how to simply listen to others without craving the need to reply. You might want to go up to your tribe and help them in their difficult times, or the tables may turn and this time you need a constant therapist. Your partners may confide in you and we think the most beautiful forms of human interaction is a display of naked emotions.

Cosmos Says-Learn to listen without the need to reply.


It okayyyyyy. These are difficult times for everyone. Let’s just make a pact of solidarity, that we won’t count 2020 or welll….half of 2021 when we look back at the age of 72 (If we survive the Zombie apocalypse given that anything is possible after COVID). Help that you require may not come that easily but hey, dawn after night okay? Financial losses may be because well, because darling you’re simply spending way beyond your earning. Don’t you worry, it is only this week that you feel you’re not being heard by your partner. Things will come around eventually.

Cosmos says-When someone extends their arm to help, take it.


Done and dusted and EXHAUSTED. OMG. Trust us, it’s a mutual emotion these days. “Knock knock, who is it? Your favorite thing in the whole world. A hundred million dollars? No, your Bed!” Well we totally feel you Virgo baby! It is probably the weather that most of us are feeling lethargic. The burdens of wanting to do so much, is actually a thing. The problem comes when we think of doing a million things, but end up only thinking about them and doing nothing. Do you wish to get them check off the “to-do” list, or you want to romance your bed the entire week?

Cosmos Says-Getting things done is better than being perfect.


Rihanna is coming to you for a copyright because you’re probably jamming to her more than ever. Yes the “work work work” song. This week shall be primarily about doing things that have been pending for the longest and you’d rather be ingrained in them. That’s nice you know? An empty mind creates a permanent dwelling for the devil our sweet love Libra. Expect being busy or starting work after a consistent time of stagnancy. People around you shall work on being there for you.

Cosmos Says-Being busy helps us from jumping onto unwanted bandwagons.


Wooooooohhhffff. The swiftness though. We love the energy you have embraced this week. You wouldn’t wait twice to run away from things not working out for you. This wanting to be a new person and getting over the past’s unwanted strings, shall help you be more spontaneous and present. After a very long time you feel confident and ready to paint the town red. Well that is heavily appreciated, but sweety, how about sitting down and breathing? You want change right? It’s coming. Without a warming, and in a much better manner than you’d imagine.

Cosmos say-Change is the only constant.


You’ve taken more than you can finish on your plate. Our brownie, why do think taking the burdens of the world will enhance your nobility? This week responsibilities may stack on you just like Oreos do in a “Tasty Recipes” viral Facebook video. You can pull back and tell people to stop handing over their leftovers onto your plate. But let’s just put it into perspective that you might not be able to say “NO”. Going after the impossible and thinking “it’s to much work”, may hinder your progress with partners.

Cosmos says-Don’t bite more than what you can’t chew.


Just like your element Capricorn, the cards tell you to be patient. Yes, it’s not coming that easy. It will require cartloads of efforts before that tree bears fruit. You just had a major change in your life, for good or for worse-that is up to you to decide. But our dear strong headed munchkin, it will be worth it in the end. You need to be in the middle, and avoid extremes. Jumping to conclusions wouldn’t be wise. Let’s just say don’t buy a loaded cheese burger and 838384994 onion rings, just stay in the middle by completing the order with a Diet Coke. Winks.

Cosmos says-The middle path is always the right way towards success.


Our beloved change maker, things are looking very good this week. Expect result of things you’ve been waiting for. It’s finalllllllly here. For us, we love when the door knocks and the package from Amazon lies right under our eyes. Ohhhhh sight is better than wedding bellsssss. (Okay sure, you can argue). Things will progress with those where relations have been serving a deadlock. Know that what you have been seriously struggling for over the past few days, the first flower in display of things working out, shall bloom. Take the first step, Capricorn.

Cosmos says-The first step of any task is 50% of the work done.

Pisces ♥️

Ohh dear Pisces. Who is coming towards you? Or better-where are you off to with your rainbow tainted glasses? We love the optimism you have this week. A journey for recreation or a minor vacation shall be embarked upon. JUST WEAR MASKS OKAYYYYYY? Our eyes are laser focused on you. Relationships might reach a level of commitment in the coming days. You want to make the promise don’t you? Well sweety even if this offer is not romantic, then the job you’re going to begin shall appear better than the companion of your life. Haha. We understand you Pisces. Life is looking very good these days.

Cosmos says-God brings to you what is yours at any cost.