Weekly horoscopes with Tarot De Raiinè

What have the stars in-store for you this week?



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Ask yourself what you’ve outgrown? Is it the procrastination that you don’t want to embrace anymore? Or are you simply done with all the bullshit given to you all these past few weeks. This change and a new lifestyle you are welcoming in your life, was much needed. Sticking to the old tried and tested, might not work for this week, or perhaps for times to come. Don’t you think its tiring to change the entire world? How about you go through the easy route and change yourself? Things are changing. Damnnnnnnn girlllll, we just love that you don’t care anymore. Giving us sassy attitude goals!!!

Why are you trying to stay in your cocoon? Ohh cmon. We know now that we’ve asked this stupidly rhetorical question, the world out there is scary and our self-built cocoon is the safest for our emotions. Let’s just hope you come out of this isolation like a butterfly. God or whatever higher power you believe in, shall give you signs that shall make you believe more and more in your own spirituality. The Universe makes us do things that we thought we weren’t capable of. Welcome to that realization. Enjoy your bed time okay? These extra few pounds shall shed themselves. Meanwhile let’s pray for the long life of those who make Instagram filters to make us home-based self-proclaimed Insta models. Winks.

You are running too fast and we are running after you to somehow stop this speed around you. Okay we get it, this might just be your mind racing through the tides ahead. There is no time to beat around the bush here. Be extremely direct and straight forward. Its so strange no? that sometimes without abusing, our words have the power to cut sharper than a chef’s knife cutting through the most tender of steaks, in a Michelin star restaurant. (Yes I love food). Our beautiful Gemini, you need to solve this problem and get back at work. Avoid confrontations that are not necessary. In the end, just imagine how much time could have been saved by not reacting and instead and an entire season of a K-drama could be finished on Netflix. (Oh by the way they are amazing).

Where are you lost sugar plum? Feeling given up on? Hmmmmmm let’s give you a litter perspective, help and assistance is ALWAYS around. (Well almost, unless you want help from those who are just Insta friends, massive EYE roll). It depends on who and how you want to approach people. We make ourselves alone, the world doesn’t. Also why why why why why why why are you spending sooooooo much money? Eid is finished, the clothes are on sale. Why would you spend more than you want. And please stop telling yourself “this is my last purchase”. If someone gave us a cent everytime we blurted this absurd lie-we’d probably be richer than the Kardashians. Prioritize yourself. A few debts or money that people owe you, might come to you with a slight delay. Financial losses are temporary. Take care of your health. We HATE the delta variant.

Just remember Leo, its not just you who is falling down. This is a collective feeling. So instead of going through the “why me” phase, just know that we are all in this together. Admit it, bigger grief lies in the knowledge that it’s only us going through hell. But everyone being miserable is still a better feeling though. We know we know, this devil inside gets happy with that thought. People might not be that honest with you, but you find out the truth in a few days. Fear of the unknown is inbuilt in everyone, so don’t take it to heart.

You’re coming back to your equilibrium Virgo. There have been a lot of things you worked hard at, but there were no fruits. This time around, things will ACTUALLY work out. Phewwwwwwwww. Finally. Sometime 2+2 equals to 3 if our luck is bad, but for you the answers might just end up being 4. What a celebration. Keeping to yourself and not taking any crap from people is sometimes a single moment’s epiphany. We think you’ve taken some time off from all of those distractions that you though were not yours. Sometimes we think that something REQUIRES our attention, but turns out we just like control. Virgo, we just love you being protective of your sanity and peace darling. You’d glow by the end of this period. Alsoooooo, what are you saving for? Is there a big event coming?

Clarity alert! After a long time, the professional life has come about to be fair. Libra, your life is coming to a balance and things somehow feel complete. If people had a misunderstanding regarding you, then you shouldn’t stay calm and make them know how wrong they are about you. What hasn’t been going in your favor, shall finally find a resolution and then you’d sleep well at night without even a slpeeing pill. We think you’ve ignored all those tasks that were more important than the things you’ve gotten yourself into. Yes you can hate us for this reality check-but please wash your face (because humidity is bad) and get to work. Also, who is this person you want karma to punch in the face?

Trusting the authorities of wisdom for your luck to turn out the way you want? Well you might be in luck. The way you go according to rules and SOPs, people remember that about you, our sweet sweeeeeeeeeet love. And even if you don’t get appreciation, remember somehow it will come back to you. Who knows, this week you realize how important you are to someone. Its probable you get back into your old routines. Even if half-heartedly, but it will soon grip onto your interest. It would be better if you work with people in group settings and not on your own. You’re more involved with others than yourself. We love this routine you’re trying to build in your life sweetheart.

Don’t wanna jump into it without taking precautions? Okayyyyyy we get it. Don’t jump and do your research first. But what if you NEVER end up doing it? Sometimes not knowing enough helps us to be more decisive. This decision maybe a good idea. Just remember that you gotta take this leadership role for once. Being cautious in a relationship might also be something you’d look forward to. On that note, have you seen the person who has always had a thing for you but never makes a move. URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. We all hate that person. Wait!! Are you being that person for someone? Yes we are judging you. Heyyyyyy on a side note-how is your weight loss going on? Yes that was a taunt. We can be evil sometimes. Hehe. And we aren’t shying away from that comment. Eat healthy.

The writer of Peter Pan wrote this story with heavy heart when he heard a child say “I have to take responsibility now that my father has passed away”. This week, you’re that child. Work and issues of seriousness shall take most of your time. I think your focus shall be of laser sharpness. God!!!! It gives us chills. Already you’re too serious, and then this face of firmness. Yikess…you might just end up conquering the world this time. Don’t be difficult to those who love you. They might have that complain. We do believe that there may be a deeper craving to gain more knowledge. Okay Mr/Miss Sherlock. We get it! We love this “No-Intimidation” vibe.

The focus is going to be “What do I want”. Where is the “I” in any situation. You are soooo ready to take on to all those negative comments about yourself, our dear apple candy, Aquarius. This abstractness inherent in your Zodiac, shall find a composed and directed action towards something. There might be sudden plans to travel, and I hope you actually follow them through. The meme comes to our mind where the person turns into a skeleton waiting a for a single plan to manifest. Life is happening and it is just waiting for you to pull the trigger. Whatcha waiting for? Close friends may give you good advice on money matters. Hmmmm some body might get Richie-Rich.

Woahhhhh. The amount of clarity you have is commendable. What was that thing that blurred your senses these past few weeks, Pisces? You are the most intuitive of all. What was so big that managed to confuse YOU? You want new things to come. Sometimes the same environment stops us from thinking about new ideas and fresh plans. This week, welcome this “fresh from the farms” energy. If there was any trouble itching your brain, talk about it. We think you were pretty close to talking it out, but as fate has it-you weren’t able to. So just try again and air your thoughts, love. A solution might just pop up. Have that productivity for work needs, which may increase.