Weekoscopes with Tarot De Raiinè



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Lets see what the Universe has in store for you in coming 7 days.

Holding on too tightly to things that require a little loss ring of grip, isn’t a wise thing to do week dear Aries. You are keeping order and you would want things to get a little too organised than usual. When we say things, let’s be generous and include thoughts in this pool. You would be more rational than usual to navigate your way through the maze of life and I think you would fully own your circumstances. Why keep matters of concerns close to your heart like a treasure? Let go. And feel the freedom. What is yours won’t go away anywhere. Spend on things you love, life is too short honey. If you want everything to stay the same, how would growth touch you?

Cosmos say: Open your hand and let these butterflies, fly!


It’s party time. Let these pomp pomps come out. Where’s your new dress sweety? Friends will catchup, and fun times with relatives may define the theme of this week. Working close to people like a team often offers a sense of community and belonging, and that’s exactly how your week may turn out. You are expecting help from the outside this time, and that’s what you are getting. They say “Ask and You shall receive”. Bonding with friends and family is on the cards. I say make tea fund and enjoy a tea picnic. Is that a thing though? No? Let’s make it then. (Subtly calling all the tea lovers out here). These are fun times, so enjoy good company of your friends and romantic partners. Ohhhh wait a second, is this celebration in honour of taking a step ahead in your relationship?

Cosmos say: Why so serious? Have some fun sugarplum.


You are motivated this week, dear Gemini! And we love that. Asking Universe those deep philosophical questions, may come naturally to you. The “why” of it all is a million dollar question, and let’s see if you’d debunk it. Our popcorns are out. Being diplomatic with your friends and trying to maintain peace might be your agenda for the coming few days. Perhaps you are being too idealistic and that’s why you don’t see any negativity here? Try not to get consumed by jealousy, specially when you don’t everything for sure. That’s right, news alert: our mind plays games with us. Offers of love and marriage proposals may come. Oooooohhh the excitement.

Cosmos says: Look beyond the obvious.


So much for the self absorption. You want something, and there is nothing else that equals it’s worth. Your target is commendable, but how about being flexible about things. A tree that stays stiff is bound to break! Lesson check. You have an opinion, but perhaps lending an advice to what others have to offer might be a good idea. Cmon, cheer up a little. There is plenty in front of you. What we give gratitude for, grows. And that’s the queen Oprah saying. Cant ignore that, can we? We all lack motivation, but you want everyone else to do things for you? Well you can’t feed the horse, just show him the way. Your complete disinterest in things around you require movement. It is pretty possible that you would want to avoid drama, and gradually step back from the drama of it all. We see this subtle side stepping, dear Cancer. Intelligent move.

Cosmos say: Chose happiness over comfort


You will not quit and we love that, dear Leo. You might be taking it slowly, but then the steady always wins the race. You are well equipped to conquer your goal and you are going for it. This constant analysis of yours is worth an applaud. But can we put a question mark on how you are being a little too cautious? Double checks, going through every details twice, your week will be filled with things left to do. A job offer may come your way, but hold your horses a little, because the horse you’re anticipating is a tad slow. It is wise to give you a slight nudge on speeding things up. Cmonnnn we are all waiting on what the you can show the World. Just make sure to check your stubbornness, your dependable-but do we want your life to take forever to launch? No sir!

Cosmos say: Slow and steady wins the race.


“Let the Devil win”. Well why shouldn’t we? This obsession of yours is killing you. We all know the chocolate cake you had right after you announced your diet. Caught you. It’s okay. We are all devils that way. Constant worry and concern may occupy your mind for the most part of this week. Don’t be hopeless about the situation you think is rolling down the path of despair. Doubts and overthinking do this to us. Well our future is “bright”. (No pun intended! Promise) right now things are not clear, but they would be in the near future. This week, hold on the thread of hope tightly. After all what else do we really have? Don’t let yourself to be controlled by your past experiences or by people who think you can be dominated.

Cosmos say: Break these chains.


“Work, Work, Work”! Yes we were totally jamming to Lady Rihanna, while pulling out what this week holds for you, dear Libra! We love the workaholic energy you’re putting out there in the Universe. You want this to work, and you would pour your heart and soul into this. Just straighten your back, while your at it please? (A public service message). You might want to take up a course and learning something new, may be on your mind this week. Rechecking the details and pulling all nighters to get done with what you’re working for, is on the cards. Just make sure you pay attention to those who require, and in fact deserve your love and attention! How are those DIY projects coming along by the way?

Cosmos say: Carve your path to success.


Love is all that is, there are no two ways about it. Kill these doubts this week. You are worthy of love. This constant confusion of “To message or not to message” will take most of your time. Let us help you a little, flip a coin. At least then, you would be able to blame the consequences on the Universe. Winks. Enjoy the deep bond you share with those around you. Your community is strong! The connections you will build now, may last a long time. Do you really want to back out now? Say YES to being in a relationship right now, and NO to all the past hurt. You know your standards and you will uphold them, after all our self worth decides the quality of life we live!

Cosmos say: Love is the answer to all.


Looking for a job? Don’t worry, life is upgrading over all. Don’t ask for peanuts right now, the Universe is ready to give you much more. If you want your life to sail through, stop manifesting little things. The world is your oyster. You’ll keep your word this week and we admire your sincerity, dear Sagittarius! Your ego is secure and you are doing this for the sake of it, but for any benefit. We wish more people were like you. You have daydreamed about this enough, now you want tangible results-and this is exactly what these coming days are all about. Let us know what you are planning to read, we would love to see your “to-read” list.

Cosmos say: Fake it till you make it


Look at you being this amazing listener. People might seek you for advice and knowing you, you’ll be pretty amazing at it. This deep knowledge you have of human experience, may benefit those around you. This sudden urge of wanting peace around you shall remain to be the theme of this week. Having a broad mind to accommodate new ideas brought down to them table, shall be a wise idea. People will admire you for being calm in difficult situation. We just need to pull back a little and say, try not to be so inexpressive that your loved ones tag you as arrogant. You will be a little too flexible with those around you, but let’s be honest here for a second dear Capricorn-draw the line and define your boundaries. What’s ticking here? Oh wait-it’s Self Worth time.

Cosmos say: Think before you act.


“This ship has sailed”. Yup that’s right! That’s what you are saying to your past. It’s been tough, and we all stand by you, dear Aquarius. Welcome the calmness now. Things have changed now, and it is better to adjust to the new realities of life. Sadness must not be entertained right now. Enough of that! We see you getting the first glimmer of hope, and oh boy isn’t that a relief. Let’s clap together and give a standing ovation to this new found light. Expect the dust to settle down now and those of you who have suffered health problems, may retrieve the health back. This time, the goodness is here to stay! Let the dead roots of your relationships decompose, embracing change may be your best bet. Things will being too normalize for you.

Cosmos say: If you made through that, you’ll make through anything.

Pisces ♥️

We love your determined energy, dear Pisces. You’re sure about this. They say half of the task is done and the challenge conquered when we finally DECIDE that we will win. Our mind imprints on the Universe. It’s like the controllers of the skies want us to pray against all odds and hope again hope! You have all the attention you. Are you willing to take it. Come on!! we are all born to shine, why would you back down now? Take criticism with an open mind. It’s meant to grow is. They say “If you get offended at somebody giving you feedback, you Sir, have an ego problem”. When you communicate with your partners this week, be logical and a good conversationalist! Don’t let anger ruin your mood. Difficult and uneasy things can be said without causing all the unnecessary drama. Do you agree with us? We sincerely hope you do.

Cosmos say: A man is most revealed in their anger.
With Love,
Tarot De Raiinè.