We went Silicone-Sulphate free for 10 days and honestly it was life changing!



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We’ve all heard that sulphates and silicones are bad for our hair but have barely ever bothered. So what exactly is the whole sulpahte-silicone controversy?

Sulfates are known to be additives to cleaning products that cause the foaming action. Sulfates work to thoroughly cleanse the hair and the scalp by combining with water to emulsify grease and dispersing it into the water so that it can be washed away. The most common sulfate found in cleansing products is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

Source: Naturallycurly.com

Silicones on the other hand are known to coat the hair causing eventual build-up in the long-run which leaves the hair feeling weighed-down, lifeless and dull! Regular coating of the hair blocks the hair strands from absorbing moisture leading to frizzy and unmanageable hair! Silicone build-up removal is only possible when the hair is cleansed with a clarifying shampoo.

We decided to investigate further into the sulphate-silicone saga and decided to hop on to a 10 day long sulphate-silicone free journey and here’s what happened.

Source: Shapemagazine.com

We kick-started the new regime by washing out all the silicone build-up in our hair with a clarifying shampoo followed by another wash with a sulphate-silicone free shampoo. The hair almost suddenly felt finer, voluminous and much shinier than before – it even curled better, confirming the successful removal of the silicone build-up! We then hopped onto the next step – we used a conditioner which was of course was also sulphate-silicone free followed by a final rinse with cool water. We were surprised to see how tangle-free and soft the hair was feeling!

Source: Healthywomen.org

Continuing the same regime for a good ten days (minus the clarifying wash step) its only fair to say that the hair has never looked better! It also seems to be soaking in moisture better than before – dramatically reducing frizz making hair look nourished and healthy!

In short, going sulphate-silcone free has been one of the best decisions we have made to this date! Will we ever go back to our old ways? Probably not!