‘We are a racist country’: Gohar Rasheed calls out toxic beauty standards in entertainment industry

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Actor Gohar Rasheed was a guest on Yasir Hussain’s new Youtube series ‘The Pick And Drop Show’ where the duo discussed many things, but in particular how the entertainment industry still abides by toxic beauty standards when it comes to selecting male leads.

“There is only one solution to becoming a leading actor,” Gohar remarked. “It is that you get some really good fairness injections, and your career will start sailing. Aapki game on hai.”

“It doesn’t matter if you know acting or not, the production house doesn’t know if you’re good at acting. But since you’re very fair, you’ll be regarded as a good actor. Your career is set.”

Yasir also remarked male actors must be good at ‘gussay wali acting’, to which Gohar responded was a dissapointment, given how in our subcontinent there was a big issue with how television shows promoted toxic masculinity on their channels.

“Let’s just admit the fact that we’re a racist country, let’s just bite the bitter bullet.” Gohar said, and mocked how our cultures consistent obsession with fairness is seen in how families want fair skinned wives, “Everything must be fair just like milk.”

Listen to the entire conversation here

Gohar Rasheed has consistently never been someone who would allow racist beauty standards exist without calling them out, as in August he was on Momin Saqib’s ‘Had Kar Di’ and bluntly revealed the reason why he chose not to undergo facial surgery to remove his acne scars.

Gohar recalled how he was consistently advised by friends to remove his acne scars so he might get good roles in the film projects, but opened up about receiving a message from a stranger who revealed how he gained confidence in himself after seeing Gohar.