#Watermelon is trending on Twitter and the reason might surprise you!





Watermelons are having a moment!

On Monday evening, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) finally revealed the much-awaited T20 Thunder jersey in a video featuring Babar Azam, Shadab Khan, Naseem Shah, Fatima Sana and Kainat Imtiaz. In a funny or should we say a refreshing turn of events the yellow and green stripes on the jersey is making Twitteratis compare it to Watermelons.
Who would have thought the release of the new jersey could be meme material but leave it to Cricket fans to hype anything and everything.

There has also been some evident banter between Indians and Pakistanis. While people from across the border are calling it a ‘Tarbboz’,
people have also compared India’s new jersey to popular Toilet cleaner Harpic. At this moment it looks like anything blue works.

Now onto the memes.

While criticism for the Pakistani Cricket team is a constant, endless love for Captain Babar Azam and thirst tweets for Naseem Shah are also proving to be a regular Twitter feature.

Many other teams including Australia and England have also released their kits but looks like all the buzz surrounds our kits. We’re not complaining.

🎵 Watermelon sugar HIGHHH!🎵