Waqar Zaka takes classes at Stanford University to learn about Metaverse




Social media Icon and Crypto Expert Waqar Zaka spent the past couple of months taking classes at the esteemed Stanford University, with the aim of bringing technological advancement in Pakistan.

It is unclear as to how Zaka got permission to attend classes without being a regular university student, as Zaka shared “I’m not currently enrolled, however I’m attending classes from Political economics to Machine learning and Metaverse. ” However, his aim as he shared was to “explore the boundaries of knowledge.”


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After his success in crypto and Metaverse industries, Zaka said he was taking classes at Stanford University to improve himself, and is now under the mentorship of Stanford professors to assess the direction he should take “for launching this political party, Technology Movement Pakistan.”

Waqar Zaka encouraged all Pakistanis to understand the value of investing in your own self by educating yourself.