Waqar Zaka continues to stand tall as a figure of diversified success




waqar zaka

Waqar Zaka has established himself as the well-deserved Crypto king of Pakistan. Zaka has proven that he is no fluke but rather an inspirational figure and guide who is ready to help you on this path as well.

His live streams are evidence of his prowess and analytical ability. He can be seen multiplying investments in a matter of minutes and hours while he is live in front of the audience. Last year in November Waqar Zaka made a stunning prediction on a live video that resulted in him making over $7,800 in just two minutes. We can’t help but call it an exemplary feat.

To support his endeavors, Zaka has curated a team of 21 experts in this field who assist him in actualizing the potential of the Bitcoin and NFT space. He has also been asked by Stanford University to help elaborate on his skills in the crypto universe.

Apart from this Zaka has also been involved in various entertainment productions as well.

Recently he joined the production team of the well-received movie ‘Babylicious‘ starring Shahroz Sabzwari and Syra Yusuf. His venture into the film industry shows that he is eager to delve into the market and explore new markets all while making them grow and prosper as well.

Waqar has highlighted how he wants to be involved in credible and engaging filmmaking and with this step he does exactly that.

His entrepreneurial spirit and perfect sense of business and growth also add a charm of validity to any project he associates himself with.

Undoubtedly, Waqar Zaka’s legacy as a Crypto king and now a budding force in the film industry signifies an exciting journey of continuous success, inspiring many others in the process.