Video interview shuts down rumors regarding Aishwariya Rai in a PTI Jalsa




Years ago a video was circulating on social media claiming Aishwariya Rai attended a PTI Jalsa, showing a woman with uncanny similarity to the Indian superstar. While many wondered about who the woman in the video really was, a recent video interview shuts down all rumors, revealing the identity of the woman.

In a sizzling episode with MET Pakistan, viewers meet the Aishwariya Rai look-alike Ms. Kanwal Cheema, Founder & CEO of My Impact Meter, who was also the woman in the video which circulated sometime around 2013 from a PTI jalsa.


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Kanwal is not just any woman but happens to be the first woman engineer in all of Middle East and Africa. She was Director CISCO, and also was the only woman engineer in all of CISCO company.

In the interview, Kanwal talks about the intention behind setting up My Impact Meter, an online platform that uses technology to ensure transparent, reliabile, and equitabile donation transfer- and how it was based around the idea of digitizing charity and social impact. Kanwal also talked about the need for law and order in society in order for the nation to develop economically.