5 things to do on Valentines day if you’re single!

Mahrang Anwer

Mahrang Anwer

Valentines day is sometimes glorified more than it should be, I mean if you’re in a relationship with someone, why would you need a single day to exercise and fuss about that love? There is too much unnecessary pressure placed onto to this day and many happy couples would agree with this.  And to be a little realistic, we all know that most dates end up in Netflix anyway, and you don’t really need a partner to be doing that.


Here are 5 things you could do if you’re single on this Valentines day.

1.Buy yourself discounted chocolates, have a spa day or get a complete make over.

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Yes please! Make use of all those offers and discounts, pamper yourself because you deserve it!

2.Have a Singles party night

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Invite all your single friends and celebrate the uniqueness of your status. If there is any reminiscing that you want to do about your past relationships, do it with your friends and laugh about it.

3.Catch up on sleep


Don’t we always wish there could be a day where everyone would be busy and leave us alone to just catch up on sleep? Maybe getting an amazing massage with some soothing lavender essential oil would take that hibernation up a notch!

4. Stay away from Social Media

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Don’t fall for the luring and lucrative commercialisation of Valentines Day. That stuff is definitely going to disturb you psychologically. Just don’t fall for it!


5. Try doing something new

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We all have this list of things we always wanted to try but kept waiting for the right time. Well consider this your lucky day. Stop thinking, and dredge into the unknown, you will be surprised with how memorable this valentines would be because of your adventurous spirit!

You know how psychologists and relationship therapists are always talking about loving ourselves before we set out to love anyone else? It is actually true and is a key trait of all successful relationships. And what better way to celebrate that love than on Valentines day!