Ultimate Trailblazer: Mushk Kaleem

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Progressive and fearless, Mushk Kaleem is one wild cat who’s been on our radar for all her right choices. She describes herself as a relentless, cut-throat, self-made person who’s in love with being alive via her Instagram bio. The model has opted for some fierce editorial shoots and has walked the ramp for some high end designers, not only in Pakistan but internationally as well.

She recently flooded our news feeds when she opened the show for Stella Jean at the Milan Fashion week this year.


Mushk also won in the category of best emerging talent in this year’s Lux Style Awards which gauged some serious attention. The model opted for a ruffled scarlet dress with a textured bun for the event.

Mushk Kaleem openly talked about color-ism in the fashion industry and has criticized brands for editing her real skin color. In a detailed Instagram post, the model wrote “my skin color defines me, it’s who I am.”

The model also loves to post tidbits that encourage and empower women to be brave and do their own thing.

We can’t help but mention the model’s sassy sense of style. The woman really knows how to rock anything and everything…
be it a structured top…
or just a basic tee and pants.
be it a formal dress
or athleisure

She knows it all!