Twitter weighs in on the distressful situation in Karachi post Monsoon rains

The rains this year have been 87 percent heavier than the average recorded previously




Karachi has seen one of the worst spells of monsoon rains this year highlighting how climate change, poor infrastructure and ill equipped authorities have yet again failed the city.
Monsoon rains have killed at least 282 people over the past five weeks, including women and children, the National Disaster Management Authority announced last Thursday.

Karachi’s main roads pose as rivers at the moment. While the social media assumes this as fodder for memes, one needs to realize that we are paying the price with human lives. While the rest of the country sleeps with their air conditioners on, many people in Karachi spend days and night to find ways to remove water from their houses. Electricity suspension plus exposed wires are also serving as a threat to most Karachi-ites.

While many people are quick to call out various organizations and parties however, we need to highlight the unsung heroes who are working tirelessly to help people in need.

Most of the organizations working in Karachi to help improve the situation also accept donations. This is a call for all those people who want to help but don’t know how.
Every penny matters and so does every prayer.