Twitter users shared some wholesome stories about their interactions with Atif Aslam

from praying along side with grandparents, his humble attitude towards his fans, we all stan one unproblematic king!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Celebrities are often famous for their talent and creative abilities, and it’s quite rare that their private interactions with fans and haters alike also deems them respect worthy of the public. Especially now in Pakistan it’s rare to find a popular celebrity who doesn’t exploit their privilege and isn’t completely different from his public persona. Twitter users yesterday took out the time to praise Atif Aslam by calling him an “unproblematic king” for this reason: for being a popular singer who has fans in Pakistan and abroad, but has a humble and graceful attitude and has treated everyone with courtesy.

It all started with this Twitter user acknowledging the fact that Atif Aslam was one of those rare celebrities who despite being extremely popular-has never abused his position of power or treated fans unkindly, and has stayed out of the spotlight

A few minutes later, twitter users began widely sharing this post by sharing their own interactions with the singer, proving that he is truly one of the most humble person out there.

This users recalled working at a hospital where Atif Aslam had donated food to the poor patients without intending to turn it into a publicity stunt for social media:

Another person praised Atif for being respectful for his fans and taking pictures with all of them patiently

Another person shared his wholesome post about his wife and seriously we’re also in tears

This person shared the experience of meeting Atif Aslam in LUMS when he held a small concert at 3 am for his fans promptly

And finall: the interaction that won the internet was when a fan recalled watching Atif Aslam praying alongside with their grandparents when he was filming a shoot in their street

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