Twitter users are enamored by how much Falak Shabir loves his wife Sarah Khan

“Our society needs more men like Falak Shabir who love their women in public as much as they do behind cameras” one user commented

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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How often have we come across men who are infatuated with their wives and do not act like narcissist cave men by refraining them from reaching out for their goals? Our television shows haven’t stopped romanticizing abusive men who ae hostile to women for having an independent mind and goals. Aswad from “Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay” or Ashar from “Humsafar” were both men who belittled the women in their lives for enjoying things like spending time with friends or eating in restaurants with men and even chose to believe lies about them without even finding out whether they were true or not.

So this is why it is heartening to find examples like Falak Shabir who is married to a strong woman like Sarah Khan and has not stopped her from reaching out for her dreams. Actor Gohar Mirza praised the singer yesterday in an interview with Fuschia magazine for being a good husband and consistently showering his wife with affection:

“Falak Shabir is a very good man because he has always been very loving and devoted towards his wife and consistently keeps showering her with love and gifts. I think that if I would ever think about getting married then I would want to become a husband like him.”



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A twitter user also pointed this out yesterday when they shared a screenshot of Falak’s instagram page, which was filled with sole pictures of Sarah and also video clips where he was gifting her items like roses or cake:

Soon many other users were defending Falak by mentioning that in times like today where women are fearing getting married because of how much patriarchs withhold women from finishing their education or meeting their in-laws after marriage, we need to stop shaming men who are not afraid to love their wives publicly and keep demonstrating it during their marriage

Our society today teaches men that traits like sensitivity and care aren’t signs of weakness but prove that you’re emotionally intelligent and don’t judge the people in their lives based on their wealth or gender. Just yesterday actor Shahroze Sabzwari defended his character in the series “Naand” by saying that more men should be like him, when his character had consistently abused and belittled his wife by believing the lies that his sister was telling him


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So we need to acknowledge couples like Sarah Khan who has a devoted husband like Falak who doesn’t hold back from loving her, and show other men in our society that this is what men must be like. Can we get our entertainmenti industry to acknowledge this and finally stop putting abusive men on a pedestal?