Twitter trends and team spirit: #BehindYouBabarAzam reigns supreme on Twitter



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Pakistan experienced a series of unfortunate events during the 2023 World Cup. First, there was a major setback when Naseem Shah was sidelined due to injury. Then, there was controversy surrounding visas and the Asia Cup versus World Cup dilemma. Despite these challenges, the team managed to reach India, where they faced a harsh reception marked by intense media scrutiny, legal cases and unwarranted abuse.

To make matters worse, the team’s performance was deeply disappointing, leading to increased negativity on social media and online trolling. It’s crucial to note that the players had been on a grueling schedule without any breaks, impacting their performance on the field.

Despite the disheartening outcome, cricket fans in Pakistan showed resilience by supporting their captain, even in the face of unexpected results. #BehindYouBabarAzam has been trending on Twitter today and we couldn’t be more proud of the Pakistani Cricket community, lover and watchers.

It’s noteworthy that despite the World Cup incident, Babar Azam still holds the top spot in the ICC Men’s ODI Ratings, showcasing his exceptional cricketing skills.