Twitter rejoices at the news of Ayesha Malik’s nomination on the Supreme Court

“Another glass ceiling broken. Congratulations to all the women of Pakistan!” one user tweeted

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Social media rejoiced yesterday as it was announced that Ayesha Malik will be the first woman judge to be elevated to the apex court when the Judicial Commission of Pakistan on September 9th. She was nominated by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed .

The news of her nomination was met with joy on social media, as women said that it was the first time that a woman was nominated on the Supreme Court, and Justice Ayesha Malik’s work on advancing women’s rights in the past has also been brought to light such as her ban on the two finger rest, has already proven that she is smashing glass ceilings.

Twitter users were pointing out that in such drastic times for women in this country, a woman who has fought hard for women’s rights being elevated to the Supreme Court was the change they wished for

Users on Twitter shared their excitement for this news, and pointed out that Ayesha Malik’s ascension was filling the wide gap of gender inequality in the law system of Pakistan