Twitter rejoices as Hamza tells Khurram off in drama ‘Mere Humsafar’




The drama ‘Mere Humsafar’ has recently become a favorite with Pakistani audiences and Twitter is celebrating the 25th episode of the series.

The episode brings a much needed relief, as Hamza (Farhan Saeed) tells Khurram off and sends him away without even listening to him, after a long and frustrating spell of Khurram endlessly blackmailing Hala about telling her husband Hamza the truth about her past.

Twitter cannot help but rejoice over the way Khurram is insulted, and told to leave by Hamza, after a long episode of Hala suffering from panic, fear and excessive crying because of the blackmail Khurram puts her through.

At the same time though, Twitterati are also urging Hala to just tell Hamza the truth, as they believe he will still support her and that he deserves the truth!