Twitter reacts to Shafqat Mahmood’s decision to cancel O and A’level exams

“Finally govt. wakes up and the calls by students to cancel physical exams of O/A levels bears fruit.” tweeted one student

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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This morning Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood announced that CIE O and A’level exams were to be postponed and shifted to the October/ November cycle, and only A2 students would be required to give their final exams from 15th June onwards. On Twitter, Shafqat Mahmood also elaborated that the decision was taken in light of the increase in covid-19 cases in Pakistan, which was a issue highlighted by parents and students who were suppose to give the exams this year.

“Addressing health concerns of students and parents All exams cancelled till June 15 and depending on the spread of the disease may even go further.” he wrote

He also elaborated on the safety compulsions that will be made for A2 students in order to ensure they are not forced to take a gap year and can take their exams in a safe  environment

When the news reached Twitter it received a mixed reaction. While some students were relieved that they would not be required to give exams during a pandemic, other’s were disappointed that the government had dismissed the chance for requesting Cambridge to offer student-assessed grades so students would not be required to sit for exams in a pandemic.

Lawyer and activist Jibran Nasir took to Twitter to congratulate the student’s who had for months spread awareness on this issue using hashtags like #NCOCsavestudents and #CancelExams, and also urged Shafqat Mahmood to consider SAG’s as an appropriate manner to grade students during this pandemic:

Most of the students tweeted that they were relieved by the decision because it allowed them to take care of their health during this pandemic

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