Twitter reacts to Gym Khana signboard reading: “NO MAIDS BEYOND THIS POINT”



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Recently, a message board from Lahore Gym Khana Club, which read “NO MAIDS BEYOND THIS POINT”, has been making the rounds on social media.

The signboard aptly reflects the crude financial discrimination prevalent in our society. Wealth inequality is a common feature of Pakistani society and a severely gross representation of this unequal distribution is played out in the condescending attitudes and mindsets of those who end up more fortunate than others. And their demeaning attitude towards those who are less blessed. The signboard at Gymkhana presents a stark representation of this problematic mindset, and many social media users reacted to the ridiculous signboard!

One user commented on the colonial history of this discrimination and its unfairness.

 Another commented on the absence of humanity in the message wrote “Rules are made by humans and there has to be some reflection of humanity in the rules.”

Others talked about the need to change it.

While many others commented on how the alternative of house helpers sitting by and watching while house members sit together and eat is equally horrible. This points out the fact that such signboards will continue to pop up in different places and different forms, until we deal with root of the problem which is – wealth inequality!

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