Twitter is Having a Serious Gulab Jaman VS Ras Gulla War!



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Pakistani Mithai - An Irreplaceable Delicacy |

Are you even brown if you don’t have a liking for mithai? Brown people naturally have the tendency to overdose on sweets – it doesn’t matter if you’re a child, a senior citizen with shooting sugar levels or a ‘shaadi wala ghar’. To be honest, we’re always looking for excuses to eat some of our favourite mithai – Gulab Jaman or not! The occasion could be as mundane as your baby saying their first word and only a matter of a few seconds until someone says ‘mithai lao’!

Pakistani Sweets

While everyone has their favourites sorted – most remain divided between Gulab Jaman and Ras Gulla! And this is exactly what the twitterati picked up on. Twitter got into discussion about which mithai had the most votes. To no surprise we had the results narrowed down to two: Gulab Jaman and Ras Gulla.

Here’s what people had to say:

Some were quick to vote for Gulab Jaman while other’s showed support by becoming team Ras Gulla. Some even presented their case as to a no-show of discrimination towards the two sweets and encouraged all to merely enjoy the dessert!

While Twitter remains divided, let us know which mithai of the two is your favourite by dropping a comment on our Instagram page.

Until next time!