Twitter irks over Shaniera Akram’s tweet over ‘good men’

Disbelief .Period.




As the nations stands for the women of the country in these testing times after the heinous incident that took place at Minar e Pakistan on 14th August 2021, Twitteratis are in disbelief as Shaniera Akram decides to show support for the ‘good men’.
My heart goes out to all the good men of Pakistan. I’m sorry so many of your brothers have failed you”

Its quite obvious that the victims to the many incidents that have happened in the past few months are women so Shaniera Akram’s support for the good men has met with confusion and sarcasm.

One user really heads on tackled the whole debate about good men saying “All men benefit from the actions of bad men. The existence of bad men grants ‘good’ men or men just doing the bare minimum awards just for being decent people.

Many users decided to agree with her in a sarcastic tone, while others corrected her by directing where the light needs to be shed. Some also emphasized on the Not all men debate.
If 400 men could collectively be complicit in attacking a female, it means something is deeply wrong and dangerous about men that surround us. Hence, its evident that it’s not the time to support anyone but the women of the country who are in a constant state of fear and despair.