Twitter celebrates as Pakistan wins the T20 cricket match against India

Some wholesome cross the border interactions, fans celebrating in the streets, here are some amazing ways Pakistanis celebrated last night’s win!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Celebrations began all over Pakistan as last night our boys in green made us super doper proud by winning the T20 cricket match against India. On Twitter hashtags like #maukamauka and #teampakistan are trending today as everyone saw this event as a blessing to witness after so many tragedies had taken place this year. Let’s go through some of the most hilarious memes Pakistanis created to celebrate this historical moment!

This wholesome interaction between Virat Kholi and two Pakistani cricket players is what brought out the joy of celebrating this sport truly is


Twitter also shed tears of happiness of this wholesome response by Babar Azam’s father when he witnessed his son make the country proud

Another interaction between the Pakistani cricket player Shaheen Afridi and an Indian batsman has won the hearts of all of Pakistani Twitter because of how much this sport brings all of us together


And yes the hilarious meme uncle also made a comeback this year


All of Twitter came together with some hilarious memes to celebrate this moment





Well done Green Shirts! Here is to the many more achievements yet to come!