Twitter calls out Hassan Nisar for crass, unprofessional conduct against Reema Omer



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Twitter has been calling out journalist and news analyst Hassan Nisar for misbehaviour and unprofessional conduct against Pakistani lawyer and human rights professional Reema Omer.

The matter erupted during a live news talk show on Geo TV, where both Reema and Nisar were invited to give their opinion as news analysts, alongside other media persons such as journalist Suhail Warraich.

#Reema has been trending on Twitter, as the internet cheers on the lawyer for firmly standing up to Hassan Nisar’s rude remarks and inappropriate conduct. Twitter especially praised Reema for the commendable manner in which she retained her calm and collected demeanour, in contrast to the crass unprofessionalism of the senior journalist.

Many have compared HassanNisar to writer Khalil ur rahman for their disdainful and vulgar behaviour against women.

While others called for Nisar to be taken off air for his abusive and unacceptable conduct.