Nimra Jacob accuses Hasnain Lehri of physical assault, Lehri denies accusations




⚠ Trigger Warning: Mention of Violence

In an unfortunate turn of events, a video making rounds on social media found Lehri in a heated argument with a group of models including Nimra Jacob. The model asked fashion show organizers to provide proper security to female models backstage after she got into a physical fight with the male model.

The video is from a fashion show from this year’s Textile EXPO (TEXPO2023), organized by the Trade Development Authority Pakistan (TDAP), and showed a tense situation as female models surrounded Jacob, who appeared visibly disturbed by the alleged incident.

In the footage, where many people held Lehri back, a group of models surrounded Jacob, who was on the verge of tears. Following the video, Lehri denied all accusations.

Meanwhile, Nimra Jacob posted a series of Instagram Stories to convey her side of the story. “You can’t mistreat me. You can’t threaten me. You can’t bully me. And you surely will not put your hands on me without consequences,” stated the model. “We, in the fashion industry, have seen too much abuse, disrespect, and complete, utter negligence for our safety to tolerate it anymore. I have no space in my heart for forgiveness when it comes to abuse, harassment, bullying, assault, etc.”

She wrote further, “Without any plausible cause, threats were made at me. I was verbally abused and physically assaulted. My property was taken and used to blackmail me. My female colleagues were harmed in the process of trying to protect me. This all happened at work, where I made sure to bring it to the attention of the management that I was being threatened by the perpetrator before he even became violent. The management should have taken action the first time I mentioned concern for my safety.”

In a statement to The Express Tribune Lehri responded to the allegations, claiming that Jacob first misbehaved with him. “I categorically deny all accusations of physical altercation and abuse,” Lehri said. “I come from a very respectful family, we aren’t the kind of people who would get into an issue as petty as this.”