Turn the heat on with Neon!

Mahrang Anwer

Mahrang Anwer

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Before summers fade into oblivion, we have to take a moment to stop and appreciate the blessings of Neon colors in fashion. From the rocking 60’s and Psychedelia Mania, Neon’s have been a keeper in the fashion industry. You can personalize it, borrow it and celebrate it.


As Simon and Garfunkel very aptly said ‘People bowed and prayed, to the Neon God they made’. Making Pop culture and Andy Warhol proud here’s a list of Instagram accounts doing justice to the Neon Gods of Fashion and Beauty.

Marc Jacob’s Spring Summer 2020 was the epitome of colors done justice. Here’s some Neon inspiration to light your wardrobes up!


Ayesh Omar’s Neon picnic blanket is nothing short of pure happiness spread across to feast the eyes.



And ofcourse, Mahira Khan sure knows how to flaunt a neon yellow..


Sabeeka Imam’s Neon pink eye liner is perfectly balanced on a nude face. Kiss your black liners away and embrace color before the winter palette kicks in.


And some more make up inspiration..


Oh don’t we all remember Sadaf Kanwal’s LSA look? Well, take another look at ‘Neon done right’


Iqra Aziz’s neon nails are sure to add the right amount of color to a monochromatic look.


Or just match your nails with the neon outfit!


Hmmm… Billie Ellish Neon roots!!! Any takers? A little experimentation with hair could do wonders and lift your every day look, lore knows how well.


Pick your hue on the Neon spectrum and have some fun with creating interesting looks!