Transgender activists stopped from boarding Flydubai flight due to ‘X’ gender




International airline Flydubai on Friday stopped two transgender persons from boarding a flight because of their ‘x’ gender. Trans rights activist Shahzadi Rai took to social media to share the dismal incident where she was unable to board her flight because her flight ticket via airline flydubai was cancelled, simply on the basis of her X gender identity.

In a video shared from Karachi airport, Rai, who is currently positioned as Violence Case Manager at Gender Interactive Alliance shared that she, along with fellow trans activist Sehrish, were scheduled to travel for a project meeting. However, they were stopped from boarding their flight with FlyDubai.

The Emirati government-owned low-cost airline has received widespread condemnation for the transphobic, careless and unethical conduct. “If they don’t allow travel on their planes then why even issue us tickets,” Shahzadi rightly questioned while she shared the ticket issued by the airline.

Just an hour before the incident took place, Shahzadi Rai had shared a joyful picture of herself smiling from the airport captioned, “The goal is to die with memories, not dreams.”