Trans actor Shyra Roy on her experience working next to Hrithik Roshan

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Pakistani actress, singer and model Shyra Roy, well known for her singing and acting in Bollywood movies recently shared her experience sharing the screen with Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan.

Appearing in an interview with veteran actor Nauman Ijaz, the actor shared that initially she hadn’t known that Hrithik Roshan would also be part of the cast and was ‘literally shivering’ when she saw him on set for the first time.

The actress shared, “I was in  University, when I got a call for a cameo role in a film, I thought it will be good stipend money and it will be a memorable experience too so I said ‘yes’ to it”. She further said that when she first saw Hrithik, she was stunned, and the script required her to sit next to him in a car, where he had to drive it really fast and she had to act scared. In that whole scene, “I was in shock and awe of him, it was a huge moment, I was nervous because it was an unbelievable experience”, she said.

The trans actor has acted in Bollywood films Street Dancer 3D and Mohenjo Daro and has also sung songs for Bollywood.

In Pakistan, last year Shyra Roy released the song Kamli, along with singer and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider. Besides this, she has worked mostly in Bollywood. The singer is now willing to produce more music for Pakistani industry. She was also the first Miss Trans Pakistan.