Toxicity vs Tourism: Should all sorts of visitors be allowed up North?



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Toxicity vs Tourism: Should all sorts of visitors be allowed up North? While we all know that the local and tourists that visit this region have contributed greatly to the development of this region, many of us are not aware of the environmental degradation that this region is having to undergo because of the same tourists!

Recently, a social media vlogger Rosie Gabrielle took to Instagram to post about her dissatisfaction about local tourists bringing their ‘toxic habits to innocent communities’. The vlogger called out city tourists for destroying the culture of Hunza by organizing a rave in the mountainous area, littering the grounds and ‘demolishing a land’. “The north is pure, please it that way or stay home!” urged the vlogger.


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Here, it is worth mentioning that in wake of the recent Corona outbreak, with restrictions on international travel, there has been an influx of people going to the North. This region has long been a tourist hot spot, owing to its scenic beauty with beautiful mountains, green landscapes and glistening lakes, attracting foreigners and locals alike.

However, although much has been said about increased tourism up North boosting  the economy by creating jobs, developing the infrastructures, and planting a sense of cultural exchange between locals and travelers,  little attention is payed to the many problems that arise due to an influx of tourists in this region, such as environmental damage, poor or irresponsible behavior from tourists, and exploitation of culture.

What is your opinion on the matter? Should the government continue to encourage tourists from all across the country or would it be beneficial to put in place rules and regulations that serve to regulate and correct the behavior of irresponsible tourists who may be loitering the region or causing it any damage, before the situation gets out of hand? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below!