Top Four Political Songs Of All Time

Rafai Zaman

Rafai Zaman

Top Four Political Songs Of All Time.


Political Campaigns across Pakistan are nothing short of entertainment. Whether it’s the ongoing speeches that the politicians target towards each other or the crowds that get together in support, everything seems like a full length movie. Something that we find really interesting though are the campaign songs. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the political songs we’ve heard over the years are super entertaining. Therefore without further ado here’s our list of the top four political songs of all time:

1. The Tabdeeli Anthem


Song/video credits:  Asfandiyar Pti/ Youtube


The most relatable and iconic song for a 21st century millennial would be the Tabdeeli Anthem. Considering the fact that promises of change made by PTI leader Imran Khan attracted the youth of Pakistan, the Tabdeeli anthem became a part of almost every household. Catchy tunes, interesting lyrics and promises for a ‘New’ and better Pakistan round off the Tabdeeli Anthem!

 2. The Jeay Bhutto Song


Song/video Credits: Shabana Noshi(Noni Production)/ Youtube


The Jeay Bhutto song is definitely one of our favourites. A song that we all as Pakistani’s have been hearing over the years and won’t get tired of anytime soon. Even though many of us don’t understand Balochi, it’s the tune of this song that sounds appealing. PPP jalsa’s over the years and advertisements near election time have made good use of this iconic song.

3. Mazloomon Ka Sathi Altaf Hussain



Song/Video credits:  Ateph Khan/ Youtube


An extremely popular song in Karachi and the rest of Sindh, this MQM anthem is an ode to their leader Altaf Bhai. There’s a reason why thousands of people danced to the tunes of this song. Songs like these are definitely a way to people’s hearts when the time for them to vote arrives.

4. Vote ko Izzat Do Song


Song/Video Credits: Sher Zaman Takkar


PMLN were nothing short of creativity when the time came for them to decide on what song to play during their 2018 election campaign. Sung by Sher Zaman Takkar, this song become a playlist regular for every PMLN supporter during the elections last year.


No matter what our differences are when it comes to politics, such songs show how talented and passionate Pakistani’s are as a nation. Political opinions aside, we felt that all these songs will go down in the history books as the favourites. Which one is your favourite, feel free to share your opinions on your favourite political songs of all time.