‘Today its P@!est1ne, tomorrow its going to be us’: Zara Abbas urges Pakistanis to speak up




Pakistani actress Zara Noor Abbas shared her message for all Pakistanis amidst the ongoing P@!est1ne crisis. ‘Today its P@!est1ne, tomorrow its going to be us’, wrote the actor for all those people who are not raising their voice for the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Speaking her part, Abbas said ‘We are a 3rd world country & if anything happens tomorrow no one is going to care, just like Palestine.’ She added that those who are standing with oppressor, they will change the history so make sure that you are standing on the right side.

The actress urged Pakistanis to raise their voices against injustice and all that is happening with Muslims in the world today. ‘Today its Palestine, tomorrow its going to be any of us & no one is going to talk about it if we don’t talk about them right now. So please use your platforms, talk about what is right because tomorrow it could be any of us.’

Meanwhile, many other celebrities such as Ushna Shah, Anoushey Ashraf, Sonam Kapoor and Malala Yousafzai have also raised their voices on the ongoing crisis.