To celebrate 30 years of Shahrukh Khan, here are our top five favorite performances by the actor



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Today marks thirty years of Shahrukh Khan’s legacy as a legendary Bollywood actor who is beloved globally for his films. The actor reached out to thank his fans on social media for sending him endless love and support for the past thirty years:

“Thank u to my fans for celebrating my thirty years with cakes and edits and all things nice. For me the best way to celebrate is to work around the clock today to create more entertainment. Love you all.”

It goes without saying that Shahrukh Khan has an allure that no other Bollywood star has yet been able to reach, with his sense of humor, intelligence and also his superior acting skills he had stepped in to our hearts worldwide and we have been unable to turn away from him since them. To celebrate, we are making a list of our top five favorite performances by the actor and the roles where he blew us away with his charm and appeal.

  1. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaein Gay

Shahrukh Khan’s stepped into the film industry with the role of Raj, the millionaire play boy who is on a trip with his friends to Switzerland where he meets the quiet and meek Simran, who dreams of finding true love. At first, the two do not get along at all and fight all the time, but after coming back when Raj starts developing feelings, he realizes that Simran has been taken back to India where she is being married off to someone her parents have approved. We obviously cannot forget the swoon worthy scene when Simran begs Raj to take her away after fearing that her father won’t let her marry someone of her choice, Raj consoles her by saying that he loves her and won’t take her away from her loved ones.

2. Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Ghum (2001)

Shahrukh Khan stars as Rahul, the adopted son of a billionaire who is set to inherit his business, and is told by his father that he must never take a step that brings shame to the family. However, when Rahul meets the poor but quick-witted Anjali who is prone to accidents, keep chatting all the time and he falls in love with her. But when his father warns him that if he chooses to be with Anjali he will be cut off from the family, Rahul marries Anjali and is heartbroken to leave his mother and brother Yash behind, but he moves to London. This has been a film that has gained cult status among SRK fans, in particular this scene which has remained iconic among fans of the film.

3. Swades (2004)

Mohan Bhargava is a succesful engineer working at NASA, and he is informed that his childhood nanny is living in a poor village in Charanpur, and he is driven by nostalgia to bring her back with him to USA to settle there. When he gets there, he finds out that she is living with a young woman named Gayatri, who is head-strong and outspoken about empowering the women in her village by building schools but this gets her in conflict with the leaders of the village. Mohan is moved by his nanny and Gayatri’s efforts so he helps in building a water tank that will provide electricity to the village, and during his time there he begins falling for Gayatri.

4. Veer-Zaara

Saamiya Siddiqui is a female lawyer who is defending the Indian man Veer Pratapat Singh, an Indian pilot who was captured by authorities for illegally hiding in Lahore. In encouraging him to open up to her, Veer reveals to her on how he came to fall in love with the Pakistani girl Zara. When Zara had travelled to India to bury her nanny’s ashes in the Sutlej river, she is saved by Veer when her bus topples over a highway. Along her journey, Veer takes Zara to his village in Lohri, where after spending a day, he begins to fall in love with her.

5. Dil Se.

Radio host Amar is taking a train trip to Assam when he meets the mysterious Meghna and falls in love with her. After trying to persuade her about his feelings, Meghna reveals she isn’t interested and runs away, so Amar is heart broken and returns back to his home in Delhi. When he is preparing for his wedding, he is surprised when Meghna shows up and requests for a place to stay and a job where he works. After closely following her routes and the people Meghna meets, he is shocked to find out that she is working for a terrorist organization that plans on bombing the military parade where the president will be attending.