Tips to make your makeup last longer this Monsoon season!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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Monsoon calls for fragrant breeze, dampened meadows and a dry, humid weather. The rain gives us a soothing and refreshing break from the scorching summer heat however, it surely does not give us a break from our makeup woes. The rainy season brings patchy foundation, dripping mascara, smudging lip color and unmanageable hair.

Monsoon maybe the worst season for makeup lovers but you can prevent your makeup from washing off and patchy,dry skin with the help of these ultimate makeup tips to add a new zing to your makeup look!


Even though the weather is humid one must have a good face wash and a  moisturizer for   your skin type as this will help to create an even skin for the application of makeup. As this season will make the skin more dry for girls with a dry skin type and will produce more oil on the skin for girls with oily skin type.


An oil control and a pore minimising primer is a must this season. It will help to close your pores hence much less oil will be produced on the skin and as a result the sweat on the face which is a gift in this season can be kept in control.


Avoid cream based products this monsoon season. Apply powder-based foundation as it will give a matte effect and will last longer in humid weather. If you do not like powder foundations then you can even opt for water-proof or matte foundations in a very small amount.



Make sure you apply a water-proof mascara and eye-liner. Ditch the black kajal pencil and opt for a white or brown pencil to line your eyes as they will widen your eyes and wont smudge as the black pencil does. For the eye shadows colours like soft pink, light brown and pastels will work best. Avoid heavy glittery eyes this season.


Again opt for a powder based blush instead of cream based ones. You can pick any color from pinks to peaches to match your makeup look.

Lip Color:

On daily basis tints will work best in the rainy season but if it is for something formal opt for matte and long lasting lip colors. Lip-gloss is a big no this season as it can get sticky and smudges easily. Neon matte shades can be used at dinners or events at night.

Make-up Fixer:

This product is a muust not only in the monsoon season but all year round as it keeps your makeup in place and makes it last longer.


“Less is more”, makeup is all about enhancing your features so its is better to be kept a bit natural and subtle especially in the monsoon season.