Tiktoker Kanwal Aftab schooled for advising fan to ‘support’ violent husband




Tiktoker Kanwal Aftab was recently schooled by netizens for advising a fan to ‘support’ and ‘motivate’ violent husband in order to try and change him.

Aftab was asked in a Q & A session on Instagram, by a female fan about how a woman could cope with an abusive husband when she can’t find a good job. To which the influencer responded saying “Try to support him. Motivate him. Divorce koi rasta nahi hai.”

Aftab’s problematic response did not go unnoticed by netizens and her huge following which numbers to somewhere over 2.8 million, as people schooled her for her assigning undue burden on the woman in the marriage.

Founder of Soul Sisters Pakistan, Kanwal Ahmed, also shared a screenshot of Aftab’s answer, schooling the Tiktoker: ‘Women don’t get married to “fix” abusive men’. Or to support and validate their violent behaviour😑’

The influencer is not alone in her controversial views on women bearing the onus of violently behaving husbands. It reflects a very common viewpoint of our society where most women are raised on the idea that they are the ones who must ‘save’ a marriage. However, it is next to impossible to can ‘fix’ the nature of another person. Habits can be fixed only if the other wants to change them but sadly enough, no one can change the toxic nature of a man or woman.