This wholesome interaction between the Pakistan and Indian women’s cricket team is winning the internet

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Cricket matches between India and Pakistan have always been a point of intense competition and snarky exchanges back and forth between the two parties, and its often rare when we see some bonding or love between the team mates. Yesterday, we witnessed a wholesome moment between the Pakistani cricket team captain Bismah Maroof who had arrived on the stadium while carrying her newborn baby, and the whole Indian cricket team began doting on her!

This wholesome moment moved the internet to tears because how often have we witnessed such warm interactions between India and Pakistan? Soon, this even got responses from people like Sachin Tendulkar who remarked this as proof that sports unite people from all backgrounds

The rest of the internet was also remarking this as a moment that proves how political differences aside, things like sports and music had the power to unite people