This absolutely bonkers clip from the drama “Haqeeqat” is why Twitter is in shambles

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Do Pakistani drama writers live in a separate bubble from the rest of us that makes them come up with such twisted stories? By last year, we’re still seeing such bonkers storylines like Razai behan bhai, groom kidnapping bride and then forcing her to marry him, and now this: brides switching grooms.

This was a clip uploaded by a twitter user where it shows a pair of twins named Fizza and Shiza who are married off to fraternal twins Faraz and Zain. But on her wedding night, Shiza realizes that a switch up has happened, and the man she was married to had been sent to her sister’s room instead of hers.

Twitter after seeing such drama had to respond with some hilarious memes