‘Their performance is a clear reflection of who we are as a nation:’ Anoshay Ashraf shares thoughts on Pakistan losing from India

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Yesterday’s horrific cricket performance by Pakistan against India led shock waves throughout the country, as many former fans, which included celebrities, swore that they would never support the team again. Twitter users had some hilarious breakdowns since yesterday night.





But actress and VJ Anoushey Ashraf had to urge her followers to stop blaming the cricket team alone for this failure, and realise that this was a structural issue that could only be resolved if the system improved.

“Let’s not just blame the boys,” wrote the actress on her Instagram story. “Their performance is a clear reflection of who we are as a nation today. Unstable, disorganised and walking on egg shells all the time. The whole system is responsible for this collapse. The system has consistently robbed us of good education, training and corruption free practices. The environment of prejudice, biases and mediocrity in which we grow up was what was thrown back in our face yesterday.”

“This isn’t me running my country up and down,” continued Anoushey. “This is me speaking about what needs to change. It’s my love that makes me rant. It’s my hurt that makes me think why this happens every bloody time. This isn’t only about cricket but so much more about us as a nation and the way we ‘work’…it’s a wake up call.

Nothing will improve till the system changes and cleanses itself. A win would’ve also been a band aid on a wound that runs waayyyy deeper. It’s scary and makes me want to cry thinking about the opportunities we’ve taken away from the youth who give their heart and soul to sports, music, sciences etc.”