The vintage trend is dominating Twitter and we’re loving the responses!

We’ve got some of the most hilarious tweets right here!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Twitter users have begun a hilarious trend where they are posting vintage pictures of celebrities and models and pretending that its their grandparents  or great grand parents from the 1900s. The joke started when a user posted a picture of Eman Suleman of her photoshoot  with Etoile Brilliante and captioned it: “My great grandmother on her wedding day, circa. 1944.”

The tweet soon made waves on the internet with people actually falling for the joke and soon prompted Eman Suleman to respond by posting a screenshot of it on her Instagram stories

The vintage trend also caused the rest of Pakistani twitter to respond with some of the most hilarious content we have ever seen before. Below are some of the most funniest tweets: