The title track “Mein Na Munh Kholi” of the drama Habs is what Twitter is swooning over

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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There is one thing all Pakistanis can agree over: we do make terrible dramas with the same regressive storyline, but our OST’s are top-tier and un-challengable. After the popular OST “Tere Bin”, now there is another title track that has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

The drama is about a couple Basit (played by Feroze Khan) and Ayesha (played by Ushna Shah). Ayesha comes from a working class background and has taken it on herself to provide for herself and wed off her sisters, to protect them from their financially exploiting mother. Basit, is a rich business man who is angry at his father after it is revealed in his will that Basit must marry to get access to the rest of the property left behind.

The title track is sung by Shehroze Butt and Azad Alam, and it is already winning favors among social media, who are describing it as a soothing and beautiful love song about wanting someone whom you are afraid of revealing your feelings to. Twitter users are also praising the plot of the show which is embodying the marriage of convenience to lovers trope.

Some are swooning over Shehroze’s soulful voice and are saying that the song is deeply moving for them

Some are even calling it “soft and pure”

Some people are sharing clips of the female version of the song, and are already demanding for it to be released. We can also cross our fingers for the same thing!

You can listen to the full song below: