Interview: Saadia Asad on standing-out, her vision & what defines her brand

A one-on-one with the lawn maestro!



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What was the vision behind this collection, how did you translate it?

When it comes to lawn, at NOOR I always find it extremely intriguing to dig into history and pick interesting techniques to mass scale them through our collection and contribute to the exponential presence of embroidery in Pakistani fashion industry. Specifically, this year, we decided to focus more on the details in terms of embroidery and keep the prints minimal to come with a collection which is subtle, elegant and clean to bask in the summer glory.

With every brand launching their own lawn campaign, how does your standout?

I respect everybody for the kind of work they produce. They all have their own individual strengths, I feel what really makes our work look different from everybody else is the use of embroidery techniques. We always strive to explore different contemporary industrial embroidery mediums to revive classic needle craft like; tar kashi, applique and cutwork etc.

Who is the epitomical Noor By Saadia Asad woman?

I am blessed to have an extremely diverse group of women as consumers of my product. They all have different narratives and are from different walks of life but one thing which is common is they all are wonderful.  Without their support it would not have been possible to achieve what I have achieved today, so for me it is very hard to pick just one person with a certain lifestyle and attributes to explain her as a personality who epitomizes Noor woman.

Are you excited about being on the cover of Niche Lifestyle? How was the experience for you?

Yes of course it is very exciting to be on the cover of such a prestigious magazine. We also a did a cover with them last summer and had a exemplary response, looking forward to many more.

What is next in store for Noor by Saadia Asad?

2021 is going to be a very exciting year for Noor costumers. We have lined up a lot of interesting collections, the one which is going to be launched next is a new sub-range which is going to be extremely affordable in terms of price and yet has a luxurious feel to it. It would be launched before Choti Eid.