The latest episode of “Juda Huay Kuch Iss Tarhan” is sending Twitter in shambles

“HBO thought they were being edgy with Jaime and Cersei. HUM TV is where it’s at.” one user pointed out

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Did Pakistani drama’s have enough with cousin marriages? Not for a long time it seems. Last night twitter users came across the promo for the latest epsiode of the Hum show “Juda Huay Kuch iss tarhan” where two foster siblings who were nursed as babies by the same woman were married and now they are expecting a baby together.

Twitter users had to react with laughter and also criticize the downfall Pakistani dramas have taken where talking about women’s rights wasn’t allowed, shows about child abuse were given notices for promoting “vulgarity” but cousin marriages were still a popular topic to make multiple series about.

One user had to say that this was the Game of Thrones remake Pakistan had always asked for and now got it

Another user was critical about how teaching children about consent and the reproduction system was considered against Islamic values, and popular apps like Tiktok were banned for promoting vulgarity, but promoting shows where foster siblings were married wasn’t a big problem


Other than this, users were questioning that was incest still such a popular trope that drama’s were using in their shows? Incest marriages as activist Ammar Rashid points out are still highly common in Pakistan, and can result in children with cognitive difficulties, heart defects, impaired hearing or any other genetically inherited diseases

Although some people who had watched the drama did come in to clarify that the revelation about the boy and girl being cousins was in fact a lie, and this was a plot to break up the marriage in order to make the girl marry her maternal cousin. Like…no that’s still not it

The problem still remains that this was a cousin marriage that is being promoted still in 2021 and it’s high time our entertainers and producers let this trope die and allow other stories to take the platform! We have so many filmmakers, story tellers and other creative people in this industry who would have much more diverse and unique stories to promote which are better than cousin marriages.