The ongoing electric load shedding in Pakistan has prompted some funny memes on Twitter

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Lahore has recorded a high temperature of 42 degrees as the heatwave continues to progress over all parts of Pakistan, and experts are warning that this could put millions at the risk of illnesses and death unless the government does something about it. Alongside this scorching heat, load shedding had made its annual return and people have complained to government authorities about the long hours they have to spend without electricity during the heatwave.

But Twitter knows how to find some light in the dark times, and also their meme game comes in handy when there is a crisis like this going on. So scroll through these hilarious tweets for a chuckle.


But other than the humor, many people on Twitter pointed out that this consistent load shedding is directly impacting many people who run small businesses or people who are from low-income households and have a higher risk to suffer from heatstrokes or other illnesses. Wardah Noor who is the founder of Khudkaar shared that load shedding makes it difficult for her center to run online classes with the children

We would like to remind our readers that they take extra precautions as the heatwave keeps progressing to make sure they remain healthy by consistently remaining in the shade during the day and drinking cold water to remain hydrated. Also, please leave out bottles of water for pedestrians or homeless people who will suffer more than others since they do not have the privilege to seek shade in the scorching heat, and also leave out bowls of water for stray animals who might get thirsty.