The Power Puff Girl / Star Child




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Millie Bobby Brown has not only touched & stolen hearts of many around the globe but has definitely changed the meaning of being thirteen! Yes, the star child of today’s pop culture is only thirteen years old! Belonging to the era of Full House & Hilary Duff’s Lizzy McGuire shows, thirteen was still all about struggling with that stubborn baby fat, poppin’ pimples & damn those metal braces!

Millie Bobbi brown is this year’s fashion icon not just for the youth but for adults aswell! She’s become a fashion maven for editor’s around the globe! The kid, be it at an award ceremony or a day out in Paris, Millie is always, always poised, polished & tastefully dressed with her own unique sense of fashion. From Oscar De La Renta gowns to head-to-toe Gucci ensembles, she knows how to work it all!

The star child can be spotted in a frilly, girly, sweet looking princess like dress and can pull it off like that’s what she’s all about and later can be spotted the following week in a casual pair of distressed denim and an edgy crop leather jacket – flaunting it like a really baby punk!