The Most Awaited Wedding of Saad And Dua Leaves Fans In Awe!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


Ehd-e-Wafa has recently gained all the attention back from fans! The turning point of the drama where it got hold of a strong grip was when the SSG gang got reunited and with a major change in Saad’ life.

Saad (Ahad Raza mir ) and Shahzain ( Osman Khalid butt ) just cleared the air between them and embraced each other with the same strong love!! This left the fans in tears and everyone got excited to see all the good times coming back!

The most awaited wedding of Saad and Dua finally happens in the recent episode that left the fans in awe and swooning over the couple’s amazing chemistry on-screen. The way the gang celebrated, Saad’s pre-wedding festivities gave a heart warming feeling to all of us.

Dua surprises’s Saad, by arriving at her wedding in her military uniform. Where everyone expected her to be in some exquisite bridal attire, Dua choose to match her wedding attire with her husband Saad radiating vibes of a power couple!!

Fans are equally excited to see what the script has in store for us, and there are rumours circulating of Saad’s martyrdom as well.

ALot said that it is hinting towards the story of Gulsher and Shehnaz in Alpha Bravo Charlie where, Gulsher leaves for a mission and never returns and Shehnaz spends her life alone with her son.

We hope that the drama unfolds with the same strong grip over the script!

Here is how the twitterati have reacted towards the episode: