The internet is having a collective meltdown over this viral clip of Fawad Khan

“God I see what you did for others I want you to do this for me” one user wrote

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Fawad Khan is without a doubt every Pakistani woman’s dream guy: he’s good looking, he’s extremely charming and can just make you swoon by just looking at you and extremely talented given that the thirst is undeniable even on the other side of the border.

The internet just had a collective meltdown over not having a husband like Fawad Khan when a few days ago, a video surfaced on the internet of him celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife fashion designer Sadaf Fawad, and as she was taking a bite of the cake Fawad gives her a smooch on the forehead.

Twitter users were just like us, collectively  grieving over not having a man like Fawad Khan in our lives. Check out some of the hilarious reactions below:







All of us lonely singles can agree with this twitter user: that Sadaf Fawad is an incredibly lucky woman