The Great Drift Off – Mountain Dew!



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Mountain Dew has done it again! In amazing Monal, on a splendid day, you may have heard some loud flames up and swerves, as 2 ace drifters took on the boulevards that breeze around the mountainside.

With VJ Shehzad who was the clueless companion who didn’t have the foggiest idea what he is in for.

An activity stuffed film that grandstands the capacities of Jim; Mountain Dew’s “Mind boggling Drift-Off”. You’ll see stores of energizing moves along sharp wrinkles on twisting avenues. Jim and Mike push the breaking points of their hustling limits. On the excellence and beautiful streets of Margalla Hills, each one of the three daredevils has a great time stuffed with rush and fervor. The stunning sharp turns and floats are for no feeble hearted man however for the individuals who looks for experience to satisfy their wants and live on the edge. Dashing and Drifting is a craftsmanship aced after some time and is certainly not for the weak-hearted. So secure your seat straps, put on the wellbeing equipment and watch The Great Drift-Off!