“The good part is, I don’t regret a second of it”: Hania Amir on whether she may have overshared about her past relationship




Famed actress Hania Aamir sits down with host #AhmedAliButt for a podcast, where the actress responds to whether she feels she may have ‘overshared’ details of her personal life including her past relationship as a result of being in the public eye with an active social media handle. “I don’t regret a second of it.”, Amir declared unabashedly.

The actress explained, “I don’t regret a second of it. The good part is, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The bad part is, I couldn’t have done anything about it. It is exactly what I wanted to do at that time. I might have acted differently now, but back then I acted according to the best of my sense.”Uss waqt main bohat khush thee. Main jo kar rhai thee apne dil se kar rahi thee”, she said.

Contrary to being someone who is just ‘oversharing’ mindlessly, Hania who has garnered a massive social media following in the past few years seemed to be very aware of her actions and clear on her intentions about being ‘vulnerable’ in a world which hides away. “There’s strength in vulnerability”, she asserts.

The Mere Humsafar actor said that in today’s day and age where people are always putting up a fascade and hiding away their true selves, she prefers to be open, and honest about her life, and she believes it is because of this personal ad direct connection that she has with people that she has built more of a following from her social media than her acting career. She also said that while she has no regrets on how she shared her relationship, and that’s the good part, the bad part is that it happened.